Wednesday, 22 May 2013

They Draw Horses, Don't They?

An eclectic collection of horse postcards is currently being put together. Steve of Inky Solutions who does a lot of our printing is keen to explore the theory that despite their popularity, horses and ponies feature very little on or in children's illustrated books because they are not easy to draw.  Crocodiles, hippos, cats, mice and even camels are a doddle but for some reason our equine friends present something of a challenge to the illustrator's pen.

For this reason Steve has invited illustrators across the land (well predominantly they are coming from Brighton) to submit their horse pictures on postcards.  At the moment they can be viewed on Pinterest and hopefully their numbers will swell before the end of the month deadline.  The winner gets free hay and stud fees for a year.  Not really.  They get 500 free postcards; but it's the taking part that counts.

If you like my effort of Kylie then show your appreciation by "liking" the picture on the following link and any others that catch your eye.